Thanks For Your Donation

Please recite Sri Rama 11 times for each coin offering you make. Our goal is to recite Sri Rama 11 crore times before placing the coins in foundation.

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One Coin is equal to $11

What is Ramakoti?

It's an age old South Indian spiritual tradition of writing the name of Lord Srirama for 1 crore (10 Million) times, or as many times as possible in one's life time.

Normally devotees recite the name of the Lord repeatedly. But, writing is said to be 10 times more effective over recitation. Through the act of writing the God's name repeatedly, one is submitting himself / herself to the Lord in utmost devotion. Once written in tranquility, the book is offered to the Lord in a nearest temple who collect the same and preserve it eternally in a holy sthupa erected for the purpose in sacred places.

In essence, we are investing our productive time and effort in the service of the Lord. This tradition is still continuing among the orthodox families of Southern India.

But, for us, who live in this part of the world, it's too hard to follow this tradition. Keeping these practical challenges in view, in consultation with the eminent spiritual personalities, this temple came out with an alternative of Coin Offering.

The way in which we devote our time in traditional Ramakoti writing, in Coin Offering we offer our material pocessions (money) in the service of the almighty which is earned through time and effort. It will serve the dual purpose of satiating the spiritual urge of the devotee as well as contributing to the noble cause of erecting this landmark temple. One Sri Rama coin will be placed in the foundation on your behalf and also your name will be recited during the foundation ceremony.